Lonama's Map, 2023 Edition -

Same Story - Re-editied for modern fiction readers.

(Now includes the Epilogue in the book)

Book 2 in the Portals of Tessalindria Collection

The next tale about the remote world of Tessalindria comes to life in a time much like ours, in a city, much like our modern cities. Two young men, disadvantaged from birth by their heritage in a slave culture in the Morlan city of Vindarill, have taken to thievery in order to survive in the cruel reality of their world.

In one of their raids, one of the pair wakes to find that he has killed the old man he had set about to rob. He then steals the only possession of the old man, only to discover that it is one of the most sought after treasures on the face of Tessalindria, the legendary Lonama's map. In their efforts to elude the authorities that are seeking them, they escape through one of the time portals of Tessalindria and discover themselves catapulted into an age where the legends of their schooling are a way of life.

Though faced with the same challenges and obstacles, one pursues a path of trying to come to terms with his life and the changes he must face to find out what happened in that small apartment in Vindarill. The other, embittered by what has transpired, seeks only to find his way back to where they started.

It's a roller coaster ride of friendship, camaraderie, trust, mistrust, betrayal and discovery, set in the ancient land of Tessamandria shortly before the great Mankar Rebellion that plunged Tessalindria into the abyss of anarchy and despair.

Legend comes to life with more history of the rise of the Nar'Eladrim, the Vishtoenvar Rebellion, the flight of the Nar'Eladra to Mooriman and the Rise of the Mooriman Empire. Here we learn more about the Crown of Tessalindria and the great Narel Waste, the curious country within a country called Fazdeen, the Eladrim Princes and their war with the Nar'Eladra.

Throughout the story, Lonama's map is revealed, its secret and shrouded history as well as its capabilities and its relationship to the Kirrinath, the ancient system for understanding life that underpins all of Tessalindrian culture.

Read the first chapter of Lonama's Map here.

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Interior Illustrations done by Rachel C. Faller

Cover Illustration, oil on canvas, done by Farley Andresen