EarthBound - in the Portals of Tessalindria Collection

The young spiritually minded Mael, son of a free-slave in the Morriman colony of Farhantra, has run afoul of the Priests of the Kirrinal temple, by challenging their teachings. Frustrated by Maels insights and challenges, the Priest plot to have him killed, but he escapes through one of the portals.

He finds himself on Earth, where he falls in with the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth for the forty days between the resurrection and the ascension.

A fast moving chain of events help Mael to discover who he is and what is purpose is on Tessalindria through this time on Earth.

This story is the fifth book in the Portals of Tessalindria collection and can be read as a stand alone novel, though it is intimately tied to the stories in the other books (think Chronicales of Narnia)

It is in the process of preparation for release and will come out in paperback, ebook and audible formats simultaneously.

Stay tuned for more information


Cover Art by Brandi Doane McCann


Interior Chapter Art by Emrys Fir

Read the first two chapters of Earthbound now.